Meet Tori

Tori is the yoga instructor that will guide our meditation and gentle yoga during the July 14 Lancaster Farm Sanctuary day trip and fundraiser from Philly. I’m very excited to have Tori join the trip as we meet Tammy, Eddie, Patsy, Livingston, TrueHeart, Abby, and all the other beautiful rescued animals.

The core values guiding the work at Lancaster Farm Sanctuary are ahimsa (non-harming), satya (truth telling), and asteya (non-stealing). They are the first three ethical guidelines of the yoga tradition and thus the farm sets a wonderful stage to have yoga during our adventure.

Tori says she “came to her yoga practice in her early 50’s, not for any noble reason, but because she found a great Groupon deal! After a few months, Tori realized that it was the only practice she had ever stuck with, having run the gamut of trying dozens of other activities through the years. After a couple years of practicing, Tori decided to go ‘all in’ and signed up for the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) at the Prancing Peacock Studio. Little did she know it was a move that proved sanity-saving, as life threw her some crazy curve balls at that same time. Tori finished the YTT about four years ago and went back to being a student. About one year ago she decided to begin using that training and has been teaching at Pennsbury Racquet in Morrisville, PA. She currently offers classes three times a week.”

In addition to Tori guiding us, we will be in an area where rescued and gentle animals are free, and accustomed, to roam. It means that some animals may join us for yoga. It is completely up to the animals if they want to join. This is the only way animals should be involved with yoga. I bring it up because there is a current trend to do yoga with various farm animals. Often the animals, unfortunately baby animals are frequently involved, are driven to a class or two as a way to bring more people to a yoga studio. When one believes in ahimsa, as all yoga studios should, animals should not be exploited in this way. Taking animals from where they live, and understand life, for the day is stressful for the animals. They do not understand what is happening and could accidentally hurt someone while trying to feel safe. The animals could also get physically harmed during the transport. Please avoid supporting this kind of exploitation.

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