Sprig & Vine in New Hope, PA

Friends and I made a day trip to New Hope, PA today to try Sprig & Vine. We had such a nice time! All the food is vegan and the space is simple. We made a reservation, which was a good idea since the space is small. Water and our waiter came quickly, which is not true for all restaurants.

The menu is only one page, but all the options look wonderful. I started with kombucha and Hubby ordered coffee. A friend got the beet lemonade and said it was delicious. Then we all ordered several things to fill our empty stomachs and delight our taste buds.

The first things to come were the soup of the day and doughnuts.

Both got rave reviews. Next were blueberry pancakes and fried oyster mushrooms.

Hubby and I scarfed down the pancakes. Fresh blueberries filled the pancakes. Yummers! They were not as fluffy as mine and tasted like they were maybe cooked in oil.

A tofu Benedict and a buffalo tempeh sandwich were the main dishes Hubby and I tried. Both were very good.

Our friends got a forbidden burrito and enjoyed it.

The wait staff was attentive and kept our water glasses full, as well as checked on us several times.

We were glad to have made the hour drive from Philly. After stuffing our faces, we walked around the adorable town for a bit.

We didn’t have room for dessert, but I got a photo of that menu too.

Sprig & Vine gets four out of five vegan cupcakes. We had a lovely visit and the food was good. I highly recommend getting out to Philly to enjoy this gem.

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