So Delicious Oatmilk Ice Cream

Another recent ice cream find has been an oatmilk option from So Delicious. Hubby is very into oatmilk. He feels it has a texture closer to milk from cows with a pleasant taste. I like its nutty flavor, which came out in the ice cream.

So Delicious can be an easier non-dairy ice cream to find in the states. But we had not seen the oatmilk before. Hubby jumped on the opportunity to try it. There were three flavors available, but the other two had cinnamon and I’m allergic to that spice. He picked out the peanut butter and raspberry so I could also try a bite.

Hubby loves this ice cream. It was okay to me and the nutty flavor could have come from the peanuts rather than the oats. But it has a nice texture. If I can find another flavor without cinnamon, I will likely try it too. I say try this one yourself and let me know what you think.

Be careful to get a pint that has not been sitting around too long. This happened to me once. I was craving ice cream and took home a pint that had lots of ice on it. The ice cream inside was not good and I threw it away.


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