Nada Moo! Ice Cream

Nada Moo! ice cream has been around for some time. It’s made in Austin, but can be challenging to find elsewhere. When Hubby and I found it recently at a local grocery, we super wanted to enjoy it again.

I picked out the cookie dough fudge and Hubby selected chocolate peanut butter. We both adored the one we picked out for ourself. I was less keen on Hubby’s flavor, but that makes no difference since he scarfed the entire pint!

When you find Nada Moo!, definitely try it for yourself. Yummers!


  1. Love hearing about new dairy free ice cream options! Not sure if this is around me, but I’m going to look into it! Thanks for sharing!

    1. We make a perfect pair! I love trying dairy free ice creams 🙂
      Thanks for reading! I recently tried another ice cream and will post about it soon.

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