Equinox Restaurant in DC

It’s hubby birthday time! We only celebrate our birthdays. All other holidays we let pass with little involvement. It helps us budget for something extra fun and we end up celebrating for several days.

We just returned from Washington DC and ate our way through the city, of course. One night we had a fancy dinner at Equinox Restaurant. This place has rave reviews online from vegans. It is not a fully vegan restaurant, but the options are clearly labeled on the menu as PB (plant based). Instead of trying to decided what to get, we went for the vegan tasting menu.

After some tasty bread with olive tempanede that I forgot to photograph, we officially began the meal with a chickpea and kale cassoulet that looked more like soup.

We both really liked the flavors and textures. Next came pappardelle with black truffles. Black truffles are the cat’s meow and we were excited to try this.

The flavor was nice, but the dish was too oily. Of course the truffles were delicious!

The third course was roasted hearts of palm. This is where the dinner hit a snag. We went from more of an Italian theme to an Asian theme and the transition was bumpy.

In addition to hearts of palm, bok choy, carrots, and garnishes were covered in oil. Hubby was unimpressed.

The fourth course was winter vegetable tempura. We normally really enjoy tempura.

It was mostly cauliflower and brussel sprouts. I like both these things. But the cauliflower was very mushy. So much so that hubby gave his to me.

The final course was a dark chocolate cheesecake. Since we were celebrating a birthday, hubby got a candle in his AND a birthday card! We thought that was really sweet.

The cheesecake was more like a mouse, but it was tasty.

The service was absolutely incredible. Our waiter was kind and attentive. Our water glasses were never empty.

We were disappointed with the dinner. Equinox gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. The service was great and hubby enjoyed the wines that were paired with each course. The birthday card was such a lovely touch. But the food could be better, especially for the price point.

The other thing that didn’t go well was we were sat next to a small staging area. This meant we had to see all the non-vegan cooked animals other tables ordered and it was not pleasant. I wish our fancy dinner had been better.

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