Cece’s Veggie Co. Shells & Cheez

I spied Cece’s Veggie Co. Shells & Cheez at my local Whole Foods. Knowing that hubby rarely wants to take the time to cook, despite being a really good cook, I thought these would be a nice surprise to have available. Sure enough, he was home at lunchtime and trying to figure out what to eat shortly after bringing this home.

We were both excited to try this vegan and gluten-free take on macaroni and cheese. I heated it up in a bowl since I don’t like to put plastic in the microwave and it was ready very quickly!

Hubby really enjoyed the Shells & Cheez and was happy for the quick and healthy option. I almost didn’t get to try it! The texture was creamy, as hoped, and the flavor of the Cheez tasty, but I felt it had a slight bitter aftertaste that I am guessing came from the squash.

Shells & Cheez gets a “try it” from me. Since hubby really enjoyed it, you could too. And it is super easy to make when wanting something fast and warm.

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