The Kettle Black in Northern Liberties, Philly

The Kettle Black has an unassuming, easily missed, entrance on 2nd Street in Northern Liberties Philadelphia. I had heard that vegan croissants were available here, but was unsure where the bakery was located until a friend took me. Even what they carry “Bread & Coffee” is bigger than the name at the entrance.

I adore croissants and thus HAD to try these. As far as I know, The Kettle Black is the only storefront that regularly has fresh croissants in Philly. In addition to plain, they have chocolate filled croissants, several vegan breads, bagels, and even cream cheese to pair with their coffee and tea.

It is a busy space and I had to wait in line a bit, which I do not see as a problem. I’m always glad when locally owned places are busy. My visit was at 11:30 on a Sunday. I had been warned that the croissants sell out early and I was excited to see they still had some. I ordered two croissants and what I thought was a plain focacci to take home.

The croissants are tasty, if a bit oily, and certainly satiated my longing. The focacci was also very good, but it was chocolate. I should have asked more about it because chocolate did not pair well with the homemade garlic hummus with which I served it. Oops and a funny moment.

From what I understand, croissants should not have such large holes inside. But, again, it was yummers. I will certainly pick these up again in the future. The Kettle Black gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. The breads are good, but not great. If you can get there one morning and snag a croissant, let me know what you think.

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