White Dog Cafe in Philly

University City in West Philadelphia is teeming with students, faculty, staff, and community members seeking sustenance for lunch each day. Granted, many bring their lunch. I decided to try the White Dog Cafe yesterday and the best thing going for it are all the fun dog paintings.

They have a vegetarian menu to ask for and many options can be made vegan.

We ordered the sweet potatoes, fries, arepas, and Udon noodle salad. I enjoyed the sweet potatoes, but the arepas came with cheese, despite saying vegan three times when ordering, and the entrees were VERY salty.

Don’t let the pretty presentation fool you. On top of this our reception was lackluster and server clearly wanted to be elsewhere. We did get plenty of water. I guess they know their food is very salty?

One vegan cupcake out of five. Food and service not good, especially at these prices.

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