Philly Vegan Restaurant Week

Last week I was lucky enough to pig out at six different restaurants offering special menu items for Philly Vegan Restaurant Week. I remember when we lived in Dallas there was one restaurant during restaurant week that offered a vegan meal and we jumped on it. I remember enjoying it, but it was nothing like the smorgasbord I enjoyed last week.

The first night I participated was Monday and it was the kickoff event at Tattooed Mom’s. Luckily we arrived at 6:00 to eat before a vegan bake sale because they ran out of the special sandwich! A picnic fried chick’n sammy.

At the bake sale we scored air-fried Oreos and a piece of cake. Yummers!

Tuesday evening we arrived at Miss Rachel’s Pantry at 4:50, it opens at 5:00, and we were one of the last people that got her BBQ plate! She made 110 and we ate about 5:45.

Wednesday we had dinner with one of the organizers at Soy Cafe. It was amazeballs with bruschetta over dried sweet potato, stuffed shells, and tiramisu. I’m drooling while remembering!

Thursday we made it to Front Street Cafe and were overwhelmed by the options. Many were from their regular menu, but we had never been, so all was new to us. I can’t remember everything, but we started with heirloom tomato focaccia, shared a giant kale Cesar salad and Mac n Cheese, then I had spaghetti squash with black bean balls and hubby had a noodle dish. The meal ended with mango flan and carrot cake.

Friday was one of the best meals experienced and was at Pumpkin. This restaurant does not normally have a vegan option, but they saw the event advertising and wanted to be part of the week. Wow am I glad they were. So Yummers!

The last night we made our way to Avenue Cup Cafe for baked ziti. Again, no disappointments.

What an incredible week. This was the first time Philly had a vegan restaurant week and I’m already excited for next year. Even the mission is beautiful.

In addition to a couple pop-up dinners, 31 restaurants participated and most are not fully vegan places. If coming to Philly for a visit, this is the week to make it happen.

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