Julia’s in South Haven, Michigan

I have wonderful family in South Haven, Michigan and visited briefly in January. South Haven, right on Lake Michigan, is a vacation town and thus has much less hustle in the winter. But funerals happen all year round and I got to be there in the snow.

One afternoon my brother and I were hungry for lunch and Happy Cow indicated Julia’s had vegan options. My aunt had shared it was one of her favorite places in all the other seasons, but had not been in winter. So we tried it and I’m glad we did.

Upon entering I quickly noticed that vegan chili was the soup du jour. Hallelujah! A cold day needed warm chili.

In addition, there were several clearly labeled vegan bakery items.

I was so happy. It can be very challenging to eat out in small towns and previous visits to South Haven had not had as much to choose from.

I got the vegan chili and a blueberry almond power cookie.

Yummers! My brother also got something he enjoyed, but it wasn’t vegan and so I don’t remember the details.

The space was clean and I was so thankful during a cold and sad day. I probably came off as a weirdo to the staff, but they took it in stride and just smiled at my enthusiasm. Julia’s gets four out of five vegan cupcakes for being there when I needed them. If ever in South Haven, Michigan, a very cute town, stop by Julia’s and experience for yourself.

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