Vegano in Montreal

We just had to try the restaurant called Vegano! Loud and proud, with that name, about being vegan.

The space could use a spruce up and deep clean, but we took a table at the window to get more light.

French menus arrive on clipboards and are covered in plastic. Luckily the owner was happy to translate for us and the waitress was great at helping make sure we got what we wanted.

I picked the chickpea omelet with sweet potatoes and greens. Hubby picked a pizza and asked for a spinach salad to be made special.

It was so much food! My omelet was tasty, but a bit dry. This may be normal with chickpea omelets, I had never had one before. The pizza was good. A typical vegan cheese pizza.

We could not finish our meals with so much food, but enjoyed everything.

Vegano gets three out of four vegan cupcakes. The food is tasty, but not amazing and the space is not as clean as other vegan restaurants close by. The staff is wonderful.

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