The Hogtown Vegan in Toronto

Last night we chowed down at The Hogtown Vegan in Kensington Market of Toronto.

The food mimics various comfort foods from the United States. Hubby dug into a Philly Cheesestake and I got the Southern Combo. Both of us also ordered a side Cesar Salad.

The portions are very large. Hubby had so much trouble with his sandwich that his shirt got to try it too. Not complaining.

The food was hot and tasty. Not exactly the flavors we are accustomed to, but yummers nonetheless.

We also had to try desserts. Most of the desserts have cinnamon listed as an ingredient, so I was limited in my options (allergic to cinnamon). Hubby picked out the fried apple pie and I got the fried banana split. Both were wonderful. Hubby said his pie crust was the right thickness and apples thinly sliced, the way he likes. I ate all the banana and ice cream in my dish. Yummers!

The ambiance is casual and we sat outside on a beautiful evening.

The Hogtown Vegan gets four out of five vegan cupcakes. We really enjoyed it, even if the flavors were not what we expected. When in Toronto, definitely enjoy a meal here.

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