Urban Herbivore in Toronto

We are on holiday in Canada! The first stop is Toronto and, of course, we were starving upon arrival. Urban Herbivore is a popular vegan chain across the city and we headed to the underground tunnels near our hotel to chow down.

We each got a sandwich, BBQ tofu and tempeh, lettuce, tomato, and a smoothie, green and berry, to satiate our hunger. We each had half of each sandwich.

We also got chocolate chunk cookies to take with us.

I really enjoyed the flavor of my green smoothie, but they are pre-made. It means I was unsure how long it had been sitting out and I had to stir it. A bit strange.

The sandwiches were okay. The BBQ tofu had a bitter taste and I’m not a huge fan of tempeh. But hubby really liked the tempeh sandwich. The cookies were also not my favorite because they didn’t have much chocolate.

An unfortunate experience for a place suggested to me by others. Urban Herbivore gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. Maybe I need to go back and try something different.

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