Bar Bombon in Philly

We didn’t want to worry about dinner reservations, so we took our chances to find a fun place to eat. On our last trip to Philly we stoped at Bar Bombon for a snack. I remember we got nachos and plantains. It was yummers, but I never got a chance to blog about it. So when there were two seats available at the bar, we eagerly sat down for dinner.

The bartender was super nice and made hubby a custom drink after a short conversation about what he likes. Hubby always loves when bartenders are willing to make something a surprise. Then, after a brief conversation with me, that included how I don’t drink alcohol, he made me this delicious carrot and ginger juice that I adored. We paired these with guacamole. Yummers! He also made sure we understood everything was vegan, even though words like “cheese” are on the menu. Right up our alley!

Next we ordered enchiladas and a Cubano. The restaurant claims to be Puerto Rican, but it felt more fusion. Both dishes were yummers.

We really enjoyed our dinner. Bar Bombon gets four out of five vegan cupcakes. We enjoyed, but the food isn’t necessarily inventive. We will absolutely return and I recommend trying this place if you get a chance.

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