Govinda’s in Philly

It’s been a year, so time to get back to Philly! We always enjoy this city and it’s so easy to get here from NYC.

On our last visit we came across Govinda’s, but we were already full and didn’t have room in our bellies to try more things. This trip I made a beeline!

The menu has several things that looked promising. “Comfort food” is the self-proclaimed fare.

They offer cheese made from cow milk, and thus considered vegetarian, but also offer vegan cheese.

We ordered several things to try. Hubby got the fish sandwich, Cesar salad, and a donut. I picked out a chicken quesadilla, vegetable soup, and a samosa.

The fish sandwich reminded me of the fish sticks I knew as a kid. But the food overall was just okay. It was was what vegan food was five years ago, fun because no one else was offering it. Today, the options are fresher and flavors more complex. I was disappointed.

The woman at the counter was kind. Even when there was suddenly a big rush of customers. The decor is dated, but the place felt clean.

Govinda’s gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. It’s okay, but there are better options within walking distance. I will likely not return to this restaurant.

Update: I am changing the rating to one vegan cupcake. I was sick the next day and no one needs to experience that if I can provide helpful feedback. Not yummers.

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