Le Fate in Florence

Hubby wanted more Italian food and I want to have an easier time eating, so I found Le Fate. Honestly, eating in Florence has overall been much easier than Rome and I have serveral places to share about.

Le Fate is adorable. We arrived too early as Google indicated it opened at 6:00, but really opens at 7:00 for dinner. The cute bench outside helped us enjoy the evening till 6:10 when we were invited inside to wait until the kitchen staff was ready for us. A glass of wine for hubby and a glass of water for me kept us company during an exciting discussion of current events and the time passed quickly. At 6:45, we were invited deeper into the restaurant to start early. So kind. The waiter had asked the kitchen staff to be ready early for us.

A clean and adorable dining room welcomed us to a fully vegan menu in Italian. Our waiter, already knowing we don’t know much Italian began to explain all the options for us. The choices sounded incredible and we just went with our gut.

As a seasonal menu, I highly recommend just enjoying yourself here.

Although we didn’t order it, we were each provided with hummus and veggies to start. A very mild hummus that just made us want more food.

Next came a house made rice cheese plate.

The cheeses were very mild and paired nicely with the jams. Hubby super enjoyed it. I was happy the rice cheese had a nice creamy texture.

Next came house made spaghetti and I got a black rice dish.

Hubby felt it was the best spaghetti he has ever had, even told the server this (he’s normally fairly reserved). I thought the sauce was very mild. The rice dish was incredible.

Next was a cold veggie dish for hubby and eggplant parmigiana for me. The cold dish was very good. My eggplant was, can you guess? Mild.

Of course we had to try dessert. They had two different ones, so we got one of each. A chocolate thing with chocolate cake crumbles in it and a fruit tart with cream.

My favorite was the chocolate. I wasn’t a big fan of the tart, but it was good.

Hubby feels El Fate deserves five of five vegan cupcakes. I think it gets four of five vegan cupcakes and since this is my blog, it gets four. I highly recommend enjoying this restaurant when in Florence, but the flavors could be more vibrant. Our server was wonderful and to open a bit early for us was a gift. As usual, they didn’t know I would be writing a review. Yummers!

Oh, don’t accidentally land at Il Vegetariano just down the street. We didn’t try it, but it’s not the same place.

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