Evolution Bakery Cafe in Historic Kailua

Starving and wanting some comfort food I beelined for Evolution Bakery Cafe and GetSum Pizza in Historic Kailua Kona. This is on the west side of Big Island.

I had missed the breakfast/brunch that ends at 11:30 am, but that is when the pizza is available and we got a veggie vegan pizza.

Hubby also got a peanut butter and chocolate shake while I enjoyed some delicious kombucha. I was totally spoiled by the tasty kombucha on Big Island.

The place is not fully vegan, but the vegan options are clearly marked.

The pizza was not great, but I live in NYC. It’s hard to compare. But I enjoyed eating comfort food. I also decided to pick up a couple desserts for later. A peanut butter cookie and a chocolate coconut bar. The bar was wonderful.

Evolutions Bakery Cafe and GetSum Pizza get three out of five vegan cupcakes. I was thankful for the vegan options, and I would go back. But I found other tastier options not too far away.

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