Under the Bodhi Tree

While in Waikoloa on the Kohala Coast, west side of Big Island, and staying at a hotel that offers almost no vegan options (Marriott fail), I was very happy to figure out Under the Bodhi Tree was an easy drive away. The restaurant was also recently shared in VegNews. Score!

Hubby and I enjoyed this place so much that we visited twice. It’s a cute space in a mall-like area intended to serve the nearby resorts, but anyone can access.

Our first visit was for an early dinner and the place was empty, which was good since it took us a while to decide what to get with so many mouth-watering options.

I decided to try the Paniolo Potato, a baked potato covered in chili. Hubby got the Ruben (not vegan). We also shared the Avo-Curry salad, a half an avocado, and a half a papaya. The salad was my favorite and hubby loved his Ruben. The chili was a bit bland, but I’m originally from Texas and usually think chili is bland. I, of course, also had to get some kombucha. They have at least two different options each day. Yummers! After this pig out, we decided we had to try dessert. I got the gluten-free black bean brownie and hubby the raw banana soft serve with macadamia nuts. When in Hawaii, you have to eats lots of yummy macadamia nuts. Both were wonderful and we were stuffed.

Our second visit was for breakfast before we headed to the airport. The place was packed! We each got the Loaded Tofu and shared gluten-free pancakes. Worth. Every. Bite!

If visiting Big Island, definitely get to Under the Bodhi Tree. They get five out of five vegan cupcakes. Yummers!

I will post other treasures found in this area.


  1. Aloha Deanna,

    I went in to Bodhi Tree to check it out when it first opened and was annoyed by the radio playing (as in, through a speaker system, IIRC) in a small storefront that already has bad acoustics because of all the wood and tile. I left immediately and haven’t been back. So I’m wondering if they’re still forcing their customers to dine to the accompaniment of crappy radio or equally irritating crappy “music.” Did you happen to notice?

    Mahalo for visiting Hawaii Island. I hope your time here was enjoyable. BTW, the town is spelled “Waikoloa,” not “Wiakoloa.” I’m not complaining; just letting you know so you can fix the errors in case people are Googling to find info about vegan food in Waikoloa. (I think you have three reviews that include the misspelling.) A hui hou!

    1. You are amazing for sharing the typo. I always say I would benefit from an editor. Thank you!

      I did not notice a loud radio during either of my visits. My second visit was crowded and had an expected level of noise from all the patrons. It was fun to see so many people enjoying the food.

      1. You’re most welcome, and thank *you* for sharing your well-considered opinions. I’ll give Bodhi Tree another try.

        (Sorry to be so slow in replying. I’ve been away for several weeks.)

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