Vaute Couture

Where do I begin gushing about this brand? For many years I have read about how much people love their coats. I have crushed over the online photos, but have been hesitant to order online due to sizes and cost. Honestly, the coats are expensive. But they are sourced and made ethically and as local as possible.

When I first moved to Manhattan, I trecked out to the Brooklyn location, or at least where I thought it was. I couldn’t find it. And since they really only had space for appointments, I waited. Humph. What was I waiting for? A really good reason to make an appointment. Like that I got a job and winter was close. Winter is close and I am still looking for my next work adventure.

About a month ago a friend shared Vaute was opening a Manhattan storefront with regular hours! I jumped on the opportunity to participate in the grand opening. They had amazing jackets, but I need a coat. So, I bought a cute T to support the opening.

I also asked when the winter coats were expected. October was the answer. So, October 1, hubby jumped online and decided on a coat he wanted. I looked at a couple things, but we both hesitated to buy before trying on anything. Back to the store we go. Yay for being close by!!

Although the coats we wanted were not in the store, samples were and we could get an understanding of sizing and the fabric. For sizing, go up one from your blouse size. That way it will fit over sweaters. Upon returning home we ordered what we hope to be our favorite heavy winter coats for many years. And, it was pre-order time, so our coats were dramatically cheaper.

Our coats won’t arrive till November, but I also ordered a pair of heavy leggings. Those arrived today and are amazing, even if still too warm to wear. But, even better, has been the experience. From our first order confirmation to the fun, but simple, packaging, everything has been about love. I’m so impressed and can’t wait for our coats. I will have to share about those when they arrive next month.

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