VSpot Organic in East Village

Latin vegan food? I’m so in for this! I have been wanting to try this restaurant for several months and finally made it. When I walked in, I was the only customer, so I got some great attention and help in selecting my meal. Later the place got swamped and food slowed way down, as to be expected.

I had to try the arepas. I got to live in Venezuela for a bit in my early 20s and have always loved arepas. The pastry chef also suggested the Kale Caesar. Both were yummy. The arepa was more of the Columbian version, but tasty, and my Caesar had a lot of dressing, but worth getting again.

Hubby tried the Jamacian Wrap and Belgian Fries. He really likek them. I found the wrap too spicy for me and the fries tasted like fries. This is probably a good thing.

For dessert, I tried the pumpkin cheesecake special. It was not overly sweet and seemed froze to hold it together. I was not super impressed, but didn’t hate it either.

VSpot Organic gets four out of five vegan cupcakes. I like it and will return. Try for yourself. Yummers!

Oh, and there is a great joke on the sign!


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