Organic Avenue

Wanting a healthy lunch to take to the park, hubby and I decided to try Organic Avenue. The one near us is across the street from Blossom du Jour, so we have passed it many times.

Passing it up will not be happening in the future. The small space is lined with grab and go fresh juices, raw wraps and soups, and other sandwiches and soups.

We selected a variety of things that included a wrap, a raw wrap, spicy avocado soup, kale chips, popcorn, wheatgrass shot, and an almond butter and jelly half sandwich. Every bite was delicious. Although hubby said his raw wrap needed more substance to keep him full. My wrap was delicious and the avocado soup yummers.

Organic Avenue gets five out of five vegan cupcakes. I loved every healthy bite and am considering their juice detox. It doesn’t have any pineapple, which most I have seen do. I’m allergic to pineapple. I will absolutely return to Organic Avenue. Everything is vegan and there are multiple locations around Manhattan.

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