Un-Usual Travel

2014-06-05 07.54.56

I have always talked about food on this blog. But for this post, I want to talk about how I traveled on my trip to Chicago. Many of the modes of transportation I used are usual for me, but maybe unusual for others. I arrived on a plane, but that is more on the normal end of my trip spectrum.

So many travel options have changed in the last few years, enabled by technology. I am super happy about this because I like the changes. After arriving in Chicago, I used Uber, a car sharing opportunity where a normal person in their nice car picks me up, to get to my Airbnb. Airbnb is an opportunity to stay in someone’s home that has spare space. Once I dropped off my things, I walked to my conference. It’s a good thing I walked because I had trouble finding the right entrance to the conference center and ran into a couple from China who could not speak English and were also having difficulty. Thank goodness for the GPS on my phone to help us all get where we wanted to go. To get back to my room that night, I used Lyft, another car sharing program. I enjoy Lyft more than Uber because it is more playful, but both are good.

The rest of my trip I used a combination of car sharing and bike sharing. My Airbnb had a Divvy station at the top of the block and the conference had a station too, so this was an easy option. I met so many more people, got more exercise, waited less time, and just plain old had more fun using these options.

I also used the subway and rented a car during this trip, so certainly took advantage of “normal” options. But I had to wait extra long for my rental car and the subway was under construction so I was 45 minutes behind schedule while having to use a bus for two stops. I should have requested a Lyft.

For me, vegan is more than just food. It’s an approach to life that opens lots of doors and helps me stay healthy and happy. I hope it is for you too.

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