I need some feedback. For over a year I have been fairly religious in sharing every week and have followers (super cool – thank you all for being awesome!). But, the viewing has been falling off. Maybe it’s the insanely cold winter we have had in the states.

  • I started this blog to have a place to point to when people have questions and it has been great for that.
  • I have posted most of my favorite recipes and shared my new ones that tasted good.
  • Although I really enjoy writing this blog, it does take time.
  • Should I keep going?
  • Should I drop to one post a week?
  • Instead of having a goal of two posts a week, should I just post when I have something that inspires me to share?

What are your thoughts?

I am traveling this week, so it is a good time to ponder.

Thank you for reading and thank you for being vegan!

Share your thoughts!

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