Foundry at McCoy’s

2014-03-15 16.04.25 2014-03-15 15.51.23


Just before my girlfriends and I headed out to Kansas City, one posted on Facebook that we were headed there for a vegan food tour. One of her friends recommended we check out Foundry at McCoy’s for vegan pizza. Well, pizza is one of my favorite food groups, so we had to go.

Foundry is a bar that is connected to McCoy’s. We actually walked through McCoy’s trying to get there, but it is possible to skip that. I highly recommend going on a day that is not close to St Patrick’s Day. The place was packed, icky, and most people were highly intoxicated. I will give the benefit of the doubt that the place is usually nicer.

We decided we would need some traveling food for our drive home and picked up a pizza and nachos to go.

2014-03-15 17.31.58 2014-03-15 17.31.32


Both were quite good, especially for vegan bar food. Keep in mind that everything was canned or packaged before being turned into our dishes. But, the flavor was good. I would recommend this place if seeking comfort food. But, again, avoid drinking holidays. Due to the ambiance, Foundry gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. I would go back to see that the place was in better shape before offering a higher cupcake rating.

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