Cafe Gratitude

2014-03-14 19.29.35


Cafe Gratitude is more than just great food. It “is our expression of a world of plenty.” And I was thrilled to finally try the food.

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My girlfriends arrived on a busy Friday evening without a reservation. I highly recommend making a reservation as the place was packed our entire visit. Luckily we only waited about 20 minutes for a table.

Famished and excited to be at such a famous vegan restaurant, we began by drooling over the menu. Not very lady-like, but who cares when thinking about the incredible options. We finally settled on what to order and hoped it wouldn’t take too long because, well, just because we wanted to eat everything!

We started with Grounded, an appetizer of potatoes and cheese. It didn’t last long with the four of us. We loved it and would totally order it again.

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Then our entrées arrived. The names of dishes are pretty great, especially when hearing the kitchen call them out to serv. I can’t remember the name of our waiter, because I am terrible with names, so I will call him Bill. “Bill, you are sensational, extraordinary, warm-hearted, and terrific.” Wow! I would have to feel great about myself if I worked here! Then the waiter serves in a similar way. Catching my eyes, Bill says “you are terrific.” Okay, I have to come back for this alone.

Those are the names of what we ordered and split everything into four portions.

Sensational – spaghetti squash and Alfredo sauce

Extraordinary – some kind of amazing sandwich

Warm Hearted – polenta and spaghetti squash

Terrific – Thai kelp noodles and veggies

2014-03-14 20.30.41 2014-03-14 20.30.45 2014-03-14 20.30.50 2014-03-14 20.31.16


Every bite was incredible. Somehow, we still had room for dessert and ordered almost one of everything. Three shakes for the table, Beautiful, Cool, and Eternally Blessed, and a variety of baked goods; lemon poppyseed cake, orange chocolate cheesecake, maple fig walnut cheesecake, and a salted carmel macaroon.

2014-03-14 21.14.09 2014-03-14 21.21.53 2014-03-14 21.22.04 2014-03-14 21.22.10 2014-03-14 21.22.17


Again, genius. We ate as much as we could, but had to take some home with us.

I almost forgot. I was cold when we first arrived, so I started with a Calm drink of warm lemon and ginger. It was a great place to start my meal and warmed me.

2014-03-14 20.23.08


All night I was so grateful to share delicious food with amazing friends. Cafe Gratitude easily earned five out of five vegan cupcakes. Every bite was amazing, the atmosphere fun and friendly, and the waitstaff kind. Absolutely going back as soon as I can get myself to Kansas City again.

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