Stocking Stuffers

2013-12-18 18.20.30


Who doesn’t love to stuff their stockings with treats? There has to be a better way to say that. Seriously, what an odd idea. But I’m the first person to say “ME!!!” I love stuffed stockings on Christmas morning and I don’t let being vegan persuade me otherwise. Instead of the cheap non-vegan candy that I got as a kid, I go pick out some really wonderful yummies that I drool over until Christmas morning. This year we have two different kinds of truffles and six different kinds of glutent-free cookies. Yum! I have also filled my stockings with nuts, fruit, small games, ornaments for the tree, and other little trinkets that are fun to unveil once a year. Maybe I need to do this more than once a year?

Now I’m off to try and forget that I have delicious treats to try next week.

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