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Let’s talk plates. Crazy, right?

In the United States, we think large plates are normal. This attitude probably contributes to the large numbers of overweight and obese people in the country.

The photos I take of my meals are from the top plate in the photo. It is actually considered a side or salad plate. The larger plate beneath it is supposed to be the dinner plate. I only have two of this size and use them as platters. The bottom plate is indeed a serving platter according to the box it came packed in and it is the least used plate in my kitchen. Only because I rarely have that much food to serve.

Don’t get me wrong. I eat plenty. I am not wasting away. However, using the smaller plate, that was actually plenty big for past generations, helps me unconsciously think about appropriate serving sizes.

I am not advocating that everyone go out and buy new dinner plates. However, consider switching to the salad plate or, when it is time to get new plates, consider selecting a set that easily lends itself to smaller portions. At the very least, think about serving sizes.

Oh, and the same is true for bowls.


  1. I have been eating less for some years, and increasingly so, but still seem to have trouble training my body to accept and successfully assimilate the smallest portions that intellectually I believe we can be healthy with. I often end up snacking later, sometimes with less-healthy choices. My weight is where I want it to be. I realize the body’s needs have a learning curve. Fine-Tuning Advice? (Carrots are still inexpensive thank goodness !!)

    1. This might be a question for someone with more nutrition training than myself. I think the real question becomes, “are you at a healthy weight?” If so, why are you trying to eat less? If not, all smaller portions will be difficult. The balance becomes making sure you are consuming enough calories for your activity level and that the calories are from healthy sources. Above you say you are at a healthy weight. We should not ignore our bodies telling us we are hungry. But fill with good things. Carrots are great, but maybe a little more protein would help you feel full longer. Maybe add some hummus to those carrots? Or some almonds?

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