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After the question “so, what do you eat?” is often the question, “how do you get your vitamins?” Neither of these questions are fun, but the vitamin one is extra annoying to me.

Most of the vitamins our bodies need do not come from animals. A few do, but there are vegan alternatives. All people, vegan or not, need to eat a variety of foods to ensure their bodies are getting everything they need. As vegans, we do need to be thoughtful that we are getting enough B vitamins and omegas. However, there has been a lot of research showing our bodies have difficulty absorbing all the nutrients from vitamins, the concentrated form from pills. This means, everyone needs to make sure they are eating a variety of foods. Yep, I already said this.

Add nutritional yeast to stuff and hemp, chia, or flax seeds to smoothies to add easily digestible B vitamins and omegas to a healthy diet. I do take supplements because I want to make sure I am getting what I need. With a busy life, some days I am better than others at eating everything I need. Vitamins are my fail-safe. But, I also make sure they are vegan.

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