Tips for Eating Out

2013-03-16 13.31.59

Eating vegan in many restaurants can be challenging. But, there are a few things you can do to make the experience easier.

  1. If you know where you are going, look up the menu ahead of time online and call with any questions. This way you know exactly what you want when you arrive.
  2. When making a reservation, make sure the restaurant will cater to a vegan and in the reservation have it note a vegan will be at the meal. This way the chef can plan ahead.
  3. Keep a list of local places available in your mind that are vegan friendly for when someone asks, “where would you like to go?”
  4. Ask the waitstaff at the restaurant about items on the menu. For example, don’t assume a veggie burger is vegan.
  5. If asking the waitstaff at the table seems awkward, excuse yourself for the bathroom as soon as you sit and then find your server away from the table or talk to the bartender.
  6. If you land at a place unprepared and it seems there is nothing on the menu you can eat, look at the ingredients of other dishes and see if you can fashion something together. For example, lots of places have veggies and rice, they just might not have them together as a meal. If you share what you are trying to do with the waitstaff, they will often get the chef to make you something special from things they already have. They do this in hopes for a bigger tip, so please give a little more when seeking a little help.

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