Go Picnic

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If you have a hectic life, Go Picnic should be part of it. A healthy meal in a box and no refrigeration needed. I keep one stashed at my desk for days I just can’t get away and they are perfect for any meal on the go when I don’t have time to make a sandwich. I know, who doesn’t have time to make a sandwich? Me.

There are several vegan and gluten free options. The almond butter, hummus, and sun butter are my favorite and higher in protein than some of the others so they keep me full longer. I opened the hummus box and laid out each piece of it in the photo.

In addition to having fun eating these, there is a Sudoku puzzle in the box. The makers have thought about each piece of their meal experience. Only once have I had the time to work on the puzzle. Which is too bad because I really like Sudoku puzzles.

I originally found these at a grocery store in the next town over. Now I order them from Amazon and have access to all the vegan options.

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