Travelin’ Vegan

2013-03-18 10.49.30

I love to travel. Seeing new places and meeting new people brings me great joy. This is me recently in the Grand Canyon.

Traveling can be hard as a vegan. Airports don’t always have a lot of choices and not all places are friendly to diet restrictions. But, don’t despair, there are some some things you can do to be prepared and enjoy a great vacation.

1. Happy Cow. I have written about this website before. It has so many cities on it! With a little research, you may have a list of vegan options at your fingertips before even leaving your home.

2. Research. When picking hotels, look at the restaurant menus before booking. A little extra work in the beginning can make a world of difference when starving. I have absolutely picked a hotel just because it had more vegan options.

3. Apps. If you have a smartphone, there are a couple apps that can be lifesavers. First, Happy Cow has an app called, wait for it, “HappyCow.” It’s only 99 cents in the Apple app store. As an app, it will tell you exactly how close you are, and offer directions, to vegan friendly restaurants. There is a “Veg Out” free app, but the Happy Cow app works better and faster. Always stay clear of a hungry vegan! The other really helpful app is called “GateGuru” and is free. Looking for something to eat at an airport, but have no idea what’s available or how far away it might be from your gate? This app will tell you what’s at the airport you are in and where the restaurant is located. Only a list is provided, but places like Taco Bell (seven layer burrito, no cheese, no sour cream) , U Food (tofu chili), and Starbucks (oatmeal with dried fruit and nuts) do great business in airports and have vegan options.

4. Pack it. I always pack granola bars that won’t melt (no chocolate), a bag of almonds, and roasted seaweed; especially when traveling to a foreign country. All of these are carry-on appropriate and perfect when I can’t find anything else that I want to eat.

One of my eating rules is to not eat something just because I can. I have to want to eat it. For example, I am not a big fan of iceberg lettuce and thus will not eat an iceberg lettuce salad just because it’s available. By using the tips above, I help create situations where I can eat things I want rather than things that just happen to be available.

Happy traveling!

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