My Favorite Things

favorite things


These are a few of my favorite things in the kitchen. I try hard not to have so many tools that they are rarely used. I do a have couple splurges from cooking for several years, such as a popcorn air popper and a waffle iron, but they were gifts that I do love having. These are tools I use regularly and should be easy to find. The numbers start at the top left and make a circle around all the pieces.

1. A good food processor. I have had this one for almost 11 years and it has never failed me. The capacity is a little small, but I just process in batches and mix in a larger bowl when needed. The smaller capacity, however, has let me fit it into any kitchen cabinet. I move a lot, so this is a very good thing.

2. A blender. My blender is about five years old and I need to replace it soon. I can’t decide what to get next, so I am open to your opinions. But, a blender is a necessity in my kitchen.

3. A submersion blender. Wow, this tool is so helpful. I use it primarily for shakes and soups. With soups, I don’t have to move the soup to my blender to turn it creamy. Instead I submerge this blender and carefully move it around. Huge time saver and clean up saver.

4. The label when I bought this calls it a “Pastry Blender.” I call it a pastry cutter. Neither really makes sense, but in my head cutter works better. Any time I need to cut margarine into flour, this is my go-to tool. Two knives work too, but I bake enough that I really enjoy this tool.

5. Citrus Reamer. I can get every last drop of delicious juice out of a lemon, lime, or orange with this tool. Since I can be a little clumsy, the fact that this one is wood is extra nice. Many reamers are glass and I have broken them before.

6. Baking Spatula. Most people know how helpful a spatula can be when mixing. This one is extra great because there are no seams to catch food particles and get icky later. I can throw it in the dishwasher and not worry I will need a toothpick later to dig at seams.

7. A very fine strainer. This is wonderful for baking. I find flour sifters annoying for many reasons and decided there had to be an easier way to brake up ingredients and add the air necessary for light results. I decided to begin searching for a solution and have never looked back. A fine strainer will accomplish the results desired and be much easier to use.

8. Potato Masher. I use this for everything, except mashed potatoes, I use a hand mixer for that and rarely make mashed potatoes. Avocados turn into yummy guacamole and soups go from brothy with clearly cut vegetables to a little creamy with chunks of vegetables. This masher is extra special because it is so easy to clean.  I have found the mashers with little squares harder to use and clean.

I have several other tools I find helpful, but these get used regularly. None of them are unique to vegans.

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