Boardwalk Vegan in Havertown, PA

A new restaurant opened on the outskirts of Philadelphia. It’s a bit awkward to get to from South Philly, so we waited until we were out that way for other reasons to try it.

The concept is the owners miss all the fun foods found on the Coney Island boardwalk. So they recreated many and added others. Friends had been craving about this place, so we had to try it.

There is currently no inside seating, but there are heaters and a few tables outside. We arrived in time for an outside table and watched many people pick up food to go.

We visited around Halloween.

Wanting to try everything, we ordered more than we could eat. Soon thereafter we had Disco Fries, Pizza Ball Toss with mushrooms, Hot Son Chickn’ Wings, and The Cyclone – a cheezsteak. Everything was delicious! Wonderful recreations of food from state fairs and boardwalks once visited.

Everyone there was super nice and the food on point. Boardwalk Vegan gets four out of five vegan cupcakes for taking the mimic of foods seriously and wowing our taste buds. I can’t wait to go again. Their menu is available online.

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