Vegan Butcher in Allentown, PA

I honestly thought the Vegan Butcher in Allentown, PA would be more like a deli. Maybe have a case of different faux meats to think about enjoying. Instead it’s a fast food restaurant in what looks to be a former taco hut. We stopped here on our way to the drive-in movie.

Vegan Butcher is a cute little place that stands alone, so a bit easier to find. All the options look fun to try, so we struggled to pick what we wanted. I finally decided on the Shroom ETA and Hubby picked out the Banh Mi and fries. He adores fries, so that was a must.

Hubby snagged an outside table and I waited inside for our food. Unfortunately, the food went straight outside and I didn’t know. So I stood inside much longer than needed.

My sandwich was not exactly right, but it tasted good so I ate it. The owner came around and asked how the food was. I mentioned that it was good, even if missing the mushrooms from my sandwich. He was upset and made me another one! I was stuffed. He also gave us sorbet samples. Such a nice person!

Vegan Butcher gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. The food was good and the people nice. I will return if we get the chance.

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