Cantina los Cabillitos in South Philly

We have been encouraged to visit Cantina los Cabillitos in South Philadelphia since we moved here over two years ago. They have participated in Philly Vegan Restaurant Week multiple times and I adore Mexican food. But we hadn’t made it and then COVID-19 came and encouraged us to stay home even more.

With beautiful weather outside, a neighbor said she had enjoyed the outdoor seating at this restaurant, so it seemed like a good time to finally try it out. We mapped our path and checked it out.

Much of Philly has created outdoor seating to support restaurants, but Los Cabillitos already had some and was able to add more. We were pleasantly surprised to be seated right away. And immediately ordered guacamole.

It’s yummers and comes with lots of chips. I then ordered vegan nachos and hubby picked out the Vegan Chicken Torta.

I adore nachos and these were okay. They would have benefited from more veggies. Hubby liked his torta.

We give Cantina las Cabillitos three out of five vegan cupcakes. Worth enjoying an outdoor meal and we will return.

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