Virtual Hug

Honesty time. I don’t know what to write about. We are facing some things that have not been faced before or have not been faced in a very long time. The world response, and the US response in particular since that is where I live, to the current coronavirus is unprecedented. The US unemployment rate is about to be, if not already, higher than the great depression. Those of us lucky enough to have a retirement fund have watched it lose tremendous value in the last few weeks and now we are thinking how retirement is even further away, if ever possible. Many, I will write this again, many of us are suddenly unemployed. As someone with her own small business, it has completely stalled. My Philly Vegan Food Tour is on hold for obvious reasons. I have not been able to fund-raise for a farm animal sanctuary in months. One of my part-time jobs is on hiatus and the other is cutting back hours. Yet, I am still very fortunate as my favorite person, Hubby, is still working and should be safe through these unprecedented times.

I send you love and hugs from my physical social isolation to yours and the circumstances you are facing. I am thinking of you and sending positive energy into the world that you are and will continue to be okay. You have access to me through comments on this website, my email, and in social media if there is something I can support on your vegan journey. Know that your vegan journey continues to have a beautiful positive impact on the environment, the animals, and your health. Especially right now, being vegan is a great way to reduce inflammation and keep your body healthy. If you are anything like me, your hands are chapped from lots of washing, your home gym is getting easier, and your online watch-list is evolving.

In case helpful, here are some things I am doing to bring some joy into my days:

  • Yoga with Adriene
  • Home workout applications on my phone
  • Outside jogs and bike rides when it’s not raining
  • Video calls with people. Work people, people I don’t know well on Facebook, and dear friends and family
  • Messaging friends and family to make sure all are okay
  • Texting friends and family
  • Watching comedy films
  • Supporting at least one small local business each day in the ways I can. Some days this is encouraging others to order something. Other days I will order food for delivery, buy a gift card, or order non-food items
  • Cooking comfort foods, like my scones, banana bread, and oil-free banana muffins

We may be isolated, but we are in this together. Love one another and have compassion for those of us who are at the front lines. Smile at the grocery store cashier or convenience store employee. This person is overwhelmed just like you, but also worried about someone they are helping, potentially carrying the virus.

I have been cooking at home like everyone else and have reviews and recipes to share. But for today, please accept my virtual hug and know that I feel helpless too. ā¤

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