Acne Care

Really? You have acne at this age? Yes, yes I do and it is sufficiently frustrating. Acne is such a strange thing. It makes sense when our bodes as changing as teenagers, but as an adult I am always surprised to feel a new zit or see a new pimple.

Certainly diet impacts acne. Poor diet can mean more acne and many people experience less acne when cutting dairy from their diet.

I have found that any change causes acne for me. If my skin is too dry, like at the beginning of winter, I break out. When too oily, such as at the beginning of summer, I break out. Fun, right? Then as the season settles in and I adjust my routine, my skin clears up.

In addition to diet and paying attention to my skin and the seasons, I have identified a couple products that really help.

If my skin isn’t too dry, like in the summer, I will use apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball to rub over my face after I was it, just before I go to sleep. The smell is strong so I only use it at night, but it really helps.

When my skin is more dry I will use the Spot Check by Fanciful Fox before I go to bed and sometimes during the day too. It feels nice and there is no strong scent.

If you experience acne, these tactics could help. Good luck! Acne is no fun.

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