20th Street Pizza in Philly

The founder of Blackbird Pizzeria has opened a new pizza place in Center City Philadelphia and it is delicious. Upon walking in, there is a case of the slices available.

Whole pizzas can be ordered, but then you can’t try more than one kind.

I got the white pizza and something with greens. Hubby got the greens and a mushroom.

The pizza is seriously the best pizza I have ever tried. After finishing my two slices, I got back in line for a second white slice. Yummers!

There is a case of self serve drinks to choose from and donuts were available during my visit. There is also water in back with some seating. The location is very close to Rittenhouse Square Park and it will be easy to take slices to go for a picnic in the park.

The space is so new there is not even any art on the walls. There is nothing bad I can say about this place. After we ordered, we were given a number so our slices could be heated and brought to us hot.

20th Street Pizza gets five out of five vegan cupcakes. Get there!

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