Visiting Funny Farm Rescue

The sweetest kiss of the day.

I am still processing all the wonderfulness that happened at Funny Farm Rescue. I shared an incredible day with 35 other people and hundreds of rescued animals.

Our chariot

We began in Center City Philadelphia and took an easy drive to Mays Landing, NJ. During the drive we watched Vegucated and learned how three people tried being vegan. Upon arrival at the farm we shared a vegan lunch lovingly prepared by Soy Cafe, learned about a special dog at Funny Farm that gets to sit in an upright chair to make sure he can digest his food, and talked about the impact compassionate choices can have on our bodies, our communities, and our planet.

Dogs full of love no matter their beginnings.

Then we stepped into a wonderland of animals! Laurie, the founder of Funny Farm, and Robin, a long-time volunteer, took us to meet all the animals and learn their stories. Stories of cows intended to be slaughtered for food, but families realizing they could not eat such loving animals. Stories of pigs that were house pets until their humans realized they would become too big for their home. There is no such thing as a small pig. Even pot-bellied pigs are too big for urban and suburban homes.

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Other animals were rescued from a fate of ritual killing and more from slaughter houses.

But all the animals were beautiful and many wanted to share their love with us.

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Towards the end of our visit, we took a tractor-pulled hay ride around the farm and learned more stories before getting back on the bus and heading home.

On the bus ride home five people requested a vegan starter kit and we all shared how meaningful it was to meet the animals. My heart smiles with the knowledge that I created an opportunity for others to want to make more compassionate choices. If in the Philly area, I hope you join me on the next trip.

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