Seitan’s Helper Maple Bacon

I’m always up for trying something new! Hubby adores seitan bacon, so when I stumbled upon this new option, I had to get some.

Being Sunday morning and a day that weather is keeping us indoors, pancakes were on the menu. Bacon goes great with pancakes! Hubby busted these open and seared them in a ceramic lined pan (non-stick without chemicals).

Yummers! Some he cooked a bit longer to make crispier, they way I like.

We really enjoyed this seitan maple bacon form Seitan’s Helper. And this brand name! So fun. If you can, it’s worth trying for yourself.


  1. I’ve always been curious, thank you for sharing I’m going to give it a shot, I’ve heard coconut and liquid smoke makes a good “bacon” have you tried that ? I’m nervous to try ha!

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