Copper Branch in Montreal

Our first day in Montreal we had a bicycle tour of the old city. It was wonderful and we were starving once it was over. The first vegan place that popped up on Google was Copper Branch and we made a beeline. Copper Branch has several locations across Montreal.

I ordered the South West Wrap Scramble (yes, Southwest is two words on the menu) and kombucha. Hubby picked out the Smoked Maple Tempeh Sandwich and Revolution Smoothy. We also had to try the nachos.

Most was yummers. The sour cream on the nachos was extra sour, so I wasn’t used to it. Hubby was not fond of his smoothie and ended up not finishing it. But the portions were large.

The space could have used a wipe down and the employees seemed like they would have appreciated a break.

Copper Branch gets three out of five vegan cupcakes. If needing something quick, it’s worth a try. And it was fun to try, of course.

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