Rosalinda in Toronto

At the last moment we decided to go to Second City for a night out. This meant trying to find a fun restaurant between the venue and our hotel. That’s when I uncovered Rosalinda. We had passed it several times, but I did not realize it was vegan.

The place is nice and the waitstaff kind. We didn’t have a reservation so they asked if we minded sitting at the bar. Not at all! People talk to one another at the bar.

Rosalinda is Toronto’s interpretation of vegan Mexican food and it was yummers. The best part was the willingness to play with flavors.

Plates are small and intended to be shared so we got a tostada (that I forgot to photograph), floutas, and chilquiles. I adored it all. Hubby loved the floutas so much that he ordered a second plate.

Our only obstacle was that food came out a bit slow. Not usually an issue, but we had a show to get to.

Rosalinda gets five out of five vegan cupcakes. We would go there frequently if we lived in Toronto. Yummers!

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