Travel, It Gets Easier

I’m traveling through La Guardia out of NYC, Terminal C, and am happy to share what I found. A fresh juice bar! Only five options, but that is five more options than I have seen before. Of course I picked the “Champion” of apple, kale, spinach, lemon, and ginger.

I also noticed this sign.

Excellent! I didn’t notice anything with a yellow label, but I was hyper focused on my juice at 8:00 am. I did see vegan junk food and fruit still in its peel, like bananas and oranges. This is also a big step since I generally avoid precut fruit. It is often not ripe enough.

Anyway, my point is travel is getting so much better/easier for vegans! Of course I’m heading to Texas and will likely find less I want to eat at the airport, but yay for LGA!

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