22 Days

If unfamiliar with 22 Days, it is a vegan meal delivery service co-funded by Beyoncé. The premise is that if one can maintain a change for 21 days, it has become a habit. By delivering fresh vegan meals for 22 days, one is eating healthier.

Since moving to NYC, hubby and I have become acutely aware of the pace. The struggle with time is a real thing, yet we feel the journey is one worth taking. A dear friend calls it pushing into the uncomfortable space. Sheryl Sandberg calls it leaning in. Either way, they are the decisions we make and adjust our lives around to reach happiness. The idea of meal delivery to help us eat fresh food at home and at work is alluring, so we decided to give 22 Days a try.

We ordered five lunches/dinners and three breakfasts.

Mostly we were unhappy. Hubby felt the muffin he ordered was dry and not favorable. He also tried an oats dish that he was unhappy about. We still have a chia dish to try.

The lunches/dinners were very hit and miss. I felt like everything reminded me of leftovers. Not exciting to me. My favorite dish was a lentil bowl.

A pasta and cauliflower dish had a soggy texture.

My crunchy almond dish was just okay. Leftovers are just less fun to me.

One of the dishes hubby tried he disliked so much he put it directly in the compost. Another he actually enjoyed.

Something we both struggled with was the packaging. It was a challenge to get each dish open. Just something to be aware of.

We won’t get more meals from 22 Days. Just wasn’t for us.

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