Vegetarian Paradise 2 in Greenwich Village

I have never had dim sum. Can you believe it? Finding myself in Greenwich Village and hungry, I pulled out my trusty Happy Cow app and searched for what was close. This place has decent reviews and I could try dim sum. Score!

Hubby and I ordered the Collard Green Rolls and Scallion Pancakes to start and Tofu Rolls under the dim sum section of the menu. The Tofu Rolls were intended as one of the entrees, but I didn’t know what they were anyway. All an adventure! So these three things came out together. No problem, we were hungry. All the dishes were yummers. Although I will probably not get the pancakes again, too much bread.

For an entree, we also ordered Moo Shu Delight. Hubby had never had Moo Shu, so I had to order. We both loved it. But, I got to make the burritos for hubby. He says I do a better job.

We also ordered Death By Chocolate Cake, but I forgot to get a photo. It didn’t last long.

The food was good, but it’s not all vegan, so make sure to talk with the excellent waiter. Everyone seemed to know him, so he must be there a lot. The place is a hole in the wall. Hubby said, “why do all these kinds of restaurants have to feel dirty.” There is an A rating in the window and the kitchen looked clean from what I could see. But the bathrooms could use a good scrub.

Vegetarian Paradise gets three out of four vegan cupcakes. I will go back because it’s good people and good food. Enjoy for yourself!

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