Malibu Farm

At the end of the Malibu Pier is Malibu Farm, the most wonderful restaurant I have visited in a while. All the foods I tried truly celebrated their natural flavors.

We started with a carafe of strawberry and basil sangria that took little time to make me tipsy.


Then we  shared a roasted green bean and butternut squash dish with toasted almonds and arugula. It was fantastic.


Our entrees continued to blow our minds with deliciousness. I had a tofu, vegetable, and rice dish with coconut sauce. Not at all overwhelmed with coconut flavor. Hubby had a portobello steak with vegetables and rice dish. Sounds uninteresting, but was not at all boring.


Malibu Farm does not cater souly to vegans, but they certainly want to make us happy. I finished my meal with the best chia seed pudding I have ever had.

Malibu Farm gets five out of five vegan cupcakes. It’s so good that I already have my next reservation to stuff my pie hole and watch an incredible sunset. If in Malibu, I highly recommend stopping here.

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