Organic Grill in East Village

We were headed to the Comedy Cellar and wanted to eat dinner first. Open Table suggested the Orgain Cafe, as a vegan friendly place with decent reviews. I was excited and the menu was intriguing. 

Unfortunately, those were the best parts. I love nachoes, so hubby and I shared a plate as an appetizer. The chips were super soggy. The flavor was good, but the texture off.

My great grandmother was Polish and I’m always excited to have vegan Perogies. These were bland and over a bland, intended to be, cheesy sauce and greens. I liked the greens. Hubby used salsa to enhance his dinner. 

The Organic Cafe gets two out of five vegan cupcakes. Just not good enough with so many fantasic options in NYC.

Written by Deanna Meyler, PhD

Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Educator. Sharing an everyday approach to being vegan.

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