Blossom du Jour in Hell’s Kitchen

I seem to always be starving when I arrive in NYC. Probably because it’s a long flight. Happy Cow quickly pointed out Blossom du Jour close to my hotel and I was thrilled.

The food is delicious. Hubby said of his burger, “this will convert meat eaters.” This is high praise from Hubby.

We ordered Un-chicken salad, Midtown melt, Un-chicken avocado griller, green lemonade, and banana chocolate chip loaf.

Hubby had eaten half of his Midtown melt before I could get a photo! It was all yummers.

Blossom de Jour gets five out of five vegan cupcakes. The food was fresh, satisfying, and worth every bite. I will be going back. Just be aware, as a fast food place, seating is limited. Lots of people order to-go or delivery.

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