Spiral Diner

If ever in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you MUST eat at Spiral Diner. This is one of my very favorite vegan restaurants in the United States. I love it so much that I was an investor for the Dallas location. I am no longer an investor and this is why I finally feel comfortable sharing my feelings.

VegNews awarded it best restaurant a few years ago and in a sea of fried steaks, Spiral Diner is a vegan and casual oasis. The menu is huge and thus there is something for everyone.

Tonight I ordered the special, a BBQ Brisket Plate, and enjoyed every bite. Hubby ordered the patty melt and chef salad, two of our favorites from when we lived here. We were not disappointed.



With a tiny bit of room in our tummies we ordered a piece of chocolate cheesecake and chocolate chip cookies. If you are ever here when they offer a cooking class, you can get some of the recipes.


Oh so good! Spiral Diner gets five out of five vegan cupcakes. The food is always delicious, always comfortable, and so appreciated in cities that can be difficult for vegans. Yummers!



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