Kite Hill Almond Cheese

2014-10-18 17.50.36

Several months ago I read in VegNews that Whole Foods was carrying an almond based cheese in their gourmet cheese section. It was cultured and aged just like cheese from cow milk, but made from almond milk. I went straight to my local Whole Foods, yep still thankful I live in a city large enough to have a Whole Foods, and asked the person at the cheese counter. He had no idea what I was talking about. Oops.

Fast forward to last weekend. I’m checking out and the cashier asks if I’m dairy free. This is a common conversation for me at grocery stores when people pay attention to what I’m buying. I say I’m vegan and he asks how long. I smile and say 16 years. Yep, another year has happily passed. He is surprised and excited. He asks if I saw the almond based cheese in the artisan cheese section. I had not. He says he thinks there might be some left and I should try it. I’m so excited! I run to the cheese counter and ask right away for the almond cheese since my cashier is now waiting for me (happily waiting with hubby and ringing up the rest of my groceries). The cheese man says there is only one left and points it right out. He says there are two others and he is shocked at how fast these sold out. They are definitely ordering more. Yay for me!

We rush home and I’m so thrilled to finally try this cheese that I open it right away. There are no instructions on the package so I tare right in and take a bite with a cracker. One tip: There is a rind that should not be eaten. It tastes terrible. Maybe I should have known this, but I have never eaten artisan cheese, so how was I to know? Oh well. After figuring this out, I carefully remove the rind and dive in. The flavor is mild and the cheese very soft. However, it left a very unfortunate ammonia flavor in my sinus cavity. Not my mouth, but in my nose and I promise I didn’t put any cheese up my nose.

I will not buy this cheese again. If there are two other flavors and I can get my hands on them, I will try them too. Hopefully my sinus cavity has a better experience.

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